How to control anger

Do What Has To Be Done

Anger…now that’s a tough one. Especially for me. And here’s another one…forgiveness. My mother always said I inherited those two nasty traits from my daddy’s

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Joseph Pardons And The Plot Thickens

Worried about the future of our world and the youth of today? I am. And that makes me sad because I’d love to say, “Of

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Wiping Away Tears – Because He Lives

When you think of your childhood do you recall your mother wiping away your tears? I can remember all the times my mother spent wiping

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The Resurrection – I Believe

People thought it nonsense that Jesus would rise from the dead. How could a mere mortal die and then suddenly rise from the dead? But

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Transfiguration – Encountering Jesus

A time of change. Daylight Savings Time will take effect on March 13th! Are you ready for it? We’ll all be springing forward an hour