God—I Believe!

In our scripture written by John, we see that John speaks to love and how important it is that we love one another. John, after

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Good News—Christmas Unfiltered

Three sons wanted to do something special for their mom for Christmas. She was getting older. They wanted to make it the most special Christmas

How to control anger

Do What Has To Be Done

Anger…now that’s a tough one. Especially for me. And here’s another one…forgiveness. My mother always said I inherited those two nasty traits from my daddy’s

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Joseph Pardons And The Plot Thickens

Worried about the future of our world and the youth of today? I am. And that makes me sad because I’d love to say, “Of

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Wiping Away Tears – Because He Lives

When you think of your childhood do you recall your mother wiping away your tears? I can remember all the times my mother spent wiping