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Having Tea With Jesus

By Regina Stone Matthews


How do you pray? Are your prayers formal or do you have a simple conversation with Jesus? Better yet, have you ever had tea with Jesus?

When we sit quietly over tea and talk openly with Jesus, we find that listening to what He has to say makes all the difference in our prayer life. Certainly, it’s okay to have a basic conversation or even a formal time with Jesus. But sometimes there’s just that time when having tea with Him is the only way to work through our problems.

Having Tea with Jesus is a book filled with all those times when formal prayers or basic conversations just won’t do. As the author, Regina Stone Matthews, looks back over the years when she needed a special time with Jesus, see how having tea with Him helped her see those situations more clearly.

Join Regina as she shares her stories of that time when…

Tea anyone?

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About the Author

Regina Matthews

Regina Stone Matthews

As an award-winning author, I’m all about leaving my readers with knowledge. I strive to take them on a magical journey, tickle their funny-bone, make them think, and in the process learn some pretty cool lessons along the way. My goal for my readers, especially children, is to cultivate their imagination through reading. When reading a story, characters come to life! Reading opens the world to all those who care to pick up a book and travel to places unknown and experience the excitement of an adventure.

My writing began many years ago. I wrote my first book, Elizabeth Marie Hutchinson-When I Dream as a gift to my girls, never thinking of having it published at the time. Now, years later, I’m happy to say I find myself submerged in the life of an author and it’s been quite a journey.

After my first book, I went on to write Dealing with Margaret: Elizabeth Marie Hutchinson-When I Dream and then I’m a Detective! Elizabeth Marie Hutchinson-When I Dream. My main character, Elizabeth, has been with me all along the way.

Tracks in the Snow became my first attempt at a picture book. This is such a special little picture book that’s illustrated by student artists ages 6-12.

Words and Actions, an e-book instructs children on the importance of their words and actions and how they shape and affect their lives.

Arnold J. Peppercorn! Why Must You Have Such a Loud Personality? a picture storybook that focuses on the mischievous life of Arnold J. It’s a great book for boys but girls will enjoy it too.

Anyone Seen My Rose-colored Glasses? is a collection of non-fiction short stories. This is not a children’s book but it just might take the reader back to their childhood days.

God Moves-Overcoming Obstacles is an anthology book that allowed me to work with other authors. I along with four other amazingly talented writers collaborated to write this very special book.

A Place Called Common Sense continues my love of non-fiction short story writing. It’s a great addition to Anyone Seen My Rose-colored Glasses? It speaks to secular and world issues using the Bible as a guide.

The Mirror became my next children’s book featuring Leonard the lizard, Wally the worm, Huxley the hummingbird, and Cleo the cat. Four characters who want to be more than they think they are. Since this is a repetitive book, it’s especially good for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The story is so meaningful to kids and the illustrations are crazy great!

If The Story Fits, Tell It came from my love of being an oral storyteller. As a member of the North 40 Storytellers Guild, I decided to write a book about the art of oral storytelling. It is the result of many hours of research, learning from other storytellers, and writing my own stories. This is an instructional book that includes non-fiction short stories. The first half of the book is an introduction to oral storytelling followed by twenty-five short stories. It’s a book that will take you into the world of the storyteller.

The Ant and The Hill came to be when I experienced a gigantic hill in my life that I knew I must climb. Kids can face some scary challenges just like adults. This book addresses those challenges and how one little ant thought he could never get to the top of that gigantic ant hill in front of him. Like The Mirror, The Ant and The Hill is also a repetitive book.

Haylie(isms) A Kid’s View of Life (Volume 1) is a collection of very wise advice and thoughts spoken by my granddaughter, Haylie. I collected these statements for about three years. Together with Haylie, we put together this book not only for kids but adults as well.

Nana’s Necklace is a picture storybook that teaches children the importance of prayer. Prayer is an important part of life even for children. Nana’s Necklace centers around prayer and asking for God’s help in times of sadness.

Having Tea with Jesus continues my love of non-fiction short story writing. This book is filled with all those times when formal prayers or basic conversations just won’t do. As I look back over the years when I needed a special time with Jesus, you’ll see how having tea with Him helped me see those situations more clearly.

It’s hard to believe what started as a dream has turned into something this spectacular! It’s truly been an exciting experience filled with ups and downs and twists and turns—but above all hard work and perseverance. The rewards throughout the years have been a true blessing.


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