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Psalm 27:1-5; 13-14 (NIV)

            Where were you when the world stopped turning? September 11, 2001, is a day I will never forget. The attackers killed 2,977 people from 93 nations. Out of that figure, 2,753 people were killed in New York. Then 184 people were killed at the Pentagon. Finally, there were 40 people killed on Flight 93. I sat in my den staring at the T.V. in horror unable to move. I sat there the entire day with tears running down my face. The memories of that day and the days that followed are forever etched in my mind. I will never forget. I never see a picture or a video of that day that I don’t cry and mourn the lives that were lost. I will never forget. The days that followed brought with it an air of silence over our land that haunts me to this day. I will never forget. On September 11, 2001, by dawn’s early light, evil crept in and stole our innocence and the lives of our citizens. I will never forget.

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The nightmare remains 22 years later. I suspect for some it will last an eternity. What is the response of people of faith 22 years later? We must choose to live not in fear but in faith. However, fear is real—it touches all our lives. The anxiousness of this life is that we are vulnerable to terror and hate. Terrorists win when we give into fear. They win when we turn on each other and forget our community. Fear can paralyze. We get stuck. But in faith, we become strong through God’s strength.

            Adversity is a given. It’s when not if evil will come. Adversity will come. There’s evil in this world. You don’t have to watch Star Wars to see the dark side. Some people hate beyond understanding but we must be confident. The day that defines our lives is the day of resurrection. Like the first Easter, evil will not have the last word. Our hope in Jesus helps us to rise above adversity. Our courage and confidence come from the Lord.

            Waiting for God. Waiting means actively participating in what God wants us to do—being strong in our faith. How do you face evil? What’s your game plan? Do you walk into the evil with whatever you have to fight with? Going into the world listening to God’s voice and doing all He wants us to do. Trusting him and waiting on the Lord.

            In our scripture, we find David in a time of distress. He reaffirmed his faith in God. This helped to strengthen himself through God. Throughout David’s life, he saw God’s faithfulness. The time his sheep were under threat, God helped him slay the lion. Then along came Goliath. God helped David slay him. How about the king who wanted David’s head? All the other oppositions that faced David. We see in David that his only true threat was his own weakness. David learned that when his heart was steadfast in the Lord, he had nothing to fear.

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            This is a reminder to us that we have nothing that isn’t given to us by God. As Christians, we know what David knew and that’s when our heart is steadfast, we can accomplish anything and we have nothing to fear. We give thanks to God when times are good and we trust Him always to provide. Then when times are difficult do we thank God and trust in Him? I suspect that’s a whole new can of worms.

            In all truth, we must thank God in times of sorrow and difficulty because He is still sovereign and He always does everything for our good. Even when we don’t see it at the time. Even during the most terrible time in our nation’s history.

            #1: The Lord is my light…

            #2: The Lord is my salvation…

            #3: Whom shall I fear…

            #4: The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

            David’s prayer is concluded with him acknowledging that he would have despaired unless he had believed. There’s no way we as human beings, left on our own, can find and embrace the hope needed to carry on. I believe the events of 9/11 proved that point to those of us who are believers.

            Now 22 years after the world went silent and time stood still, we must trust and lean on God for peace. Wait on the Lord, we are placed on this earth to do God’s will. For such a time as this.

Yes, wait on the Lord

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And that’s what I learned in Church……see ya next time!