Anyone Seen My Rose-colored Glasses?


Within the pages of this book you’ll find a collection of stories dealing with all sorts of issues. Some funny, some sad, some controversial. All sure to make you think and even chuckle a time or two.

Life would be pretty dull without stories. Don’t you think? They spread joy, teach lessons, entertain, and leave behind memories of times gone by. The storyteller opens up his heart and shares a piece of it with his audience. The listeners or readers hopefully take away from that story the teller’s promise. And what is that promise? To excite them, to provoke them, to surprise them, and to offer them hope.

This book will do all those things. Each story brings with it a source of hope that no matter what the topic, God’s Word speaks to it. No matter what the era, God’s Word still applies.

So take a chance. Remove those rose-colored glassed and walk on the wild side with me. I double dog dare ya!

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