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Bible Study Blog – Return

  I love this story. It’s filled with all the drama of today’s families or sitcoms. You know the ones. The Housewives of such and such a city. The guy or girl who gets to choose the love of his or her life from a group of awe-struck girls or guys all clamoring to be…

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Bible Study Blog-Renewal

Bible Study Blog-Renewal. Do you remember your baptism? I remember mine as if it were yesterday. At the age of nine, I decided to give my life to Christ. I told my parents I wanted to be baptized. I knew in my heart this was what I really wanted more than anything. Yes, even at…

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Bible Study Blog—Neighbors and Working Together For Good

Bible study blog—Neighbors and Working Together For Good. Everyone remembers the great Yogi Berra, right? He was an American professional baseball catcher, manager and coach who played nineteen seasons in the Major Leagues. The last of which was with the New York Yankees. Once Berra was asked if a certain restaurant in New York was as…

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