I'm a Detective!


If getting your best friends to stop fighting and dealing with Margaret wasn’t hard enough, now Elizabeth is faced with the task of figuring out who the Wilson Middle School thief is, and why this person is stealing from the students, the school cafeteria, and the school gym. When things around the school start disappearing, Elizabeth finds herself in the position of becoming a detective. She rounds up her friends and tells them her plan to catch the thief…well…actually it’s Pappus’ plan. Like all of Pappus' plans, it's a good one. As usual, Elizabeth has her doubts that it will work. It seems the thief is just too smart. Then there is the mystery of the house across the street. What’s with that house anyway, and why hasn’t anyone in Elizabeth’s neighborhood ever been inside the Hendrix house? Elizabeth discovers that the thief might even be planning to steal money from the book fair! It’s going to be a race between Elizabeth and her friends to find out who the Wilson Middle School thief is before the day of the book fair.

I’m a Detective! Elizabeth Marie Hutchinson-When I Dream not only takes the reader on a journey with Elizabeth and her friends to catch the Wilson Middle School thief, it also provides a lesson in doing the right thing and coming together as a community to help a neighbor in need.

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