Dealing With Margaret


For Elizabeth Marie Hutchinson, meeting Pappus was the best thing that could have ever happened. Now that Pappus has helped her solve her problem with her best friends; it is time to deal with Margaret Callahan. Only how does anyone deal with Margaret? She is without a doubt the meanest, most conceited, brattiest girl in the whole school. What was Elizabeth thinking when she promised Pappus she would try to be friends with Margaret? Why would anyone want to be friends with Margaret in the first place? But, there is no turning back now. Elizabeth knows that once you make a promise you have to keep it. Pappus has a plan, but it will be difficult for Elizabeth to keep the plan a secret from her best friends. Although Pappus came through for Elizabeth before, she is not so sure he can do it again. Dealing with Margaret is beyond impossible…even for Pappus.

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